Medical Council of Canada

Test Committee membership

Test Committee membership

New governance

During the Medical Council of Canada (MCC)’s 108th Annual Meeting held on October 3-4, the Council voted to move to a smaller and skills-based Council. As of October 5, 2020, we have begun the process of moving to this more modern, agile and responsive governance model that will facilitate creative collaboration within Council, within the organization, with stakeholders and ultimately, for the benefit of everyone living in Canada. We are working on updating all information found on this page and will be posting the new information as soon as possible.

Central Examination Committee
Central Examination Committee (CEC)
Name Position
Dr. Pier Bryden (ON) CEC Chair
Dr. Teresa Cavett (MB) CEC Vice-Chair
Dr. Michel Chiasson (NS) Chair of Clinical Decision Making Test Committee
Dr. Isabelle Desjardins (ON) Chair of Medicine Test Committee
Dr. Ciaran Goojha (BC) Chair of OB/GYN Test Committee
Dr. Jan Kotarba (ON) Chair of Pediatrics Test Committee
Dr. Merril Pauls (MB) Chair of PHELO Test Committee
Dr. Paul Robert Hayes (SK) Chair of Surgery Test Committee
Dr. Lauren Zanussi (AB) Chair of Psychiatry Test Committee
Dr. Michael Hogan (NL) Chair of OSCE Test Committee
Dr. Alan Neville (ON) Chair of OSCE Test Committee

MCCQE Part I test committees
Clinical Decision Making
Name  Position
Dr. Michel Chiasson (NS) Chair
Dr. Carey Matsuba (BC) Vice-Chair
Dr. Mary Wells (NL) Member
Dr. Richard Scheirer (AB) Member
Dr. Nancy Brager (AB) Member
Dr. Nadine Abdullah (ON) Member
Dr. Susan Mercer (NL) Member
Dr. Louis-Xavier D’Aoust (QC) Member
Dr. Sandra Biem (QC) Member
Name Position
Dr. Isabelle Desjardins (ON) Chair
Dr. Karen Toews (MB) Vice-Chair
Dr. Michèle Mahone (QC) Member
Dr. Amanda Hanson (AB) Member
Dr. Valerie Gratton (ON) Member
Dr. Mark Lees (SK) Member
Dr. George Carruthers (PEI) Member
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Name Position
Dr. Ciaran Goojha (BC) Chair
Dr. Andrea Skorenki (AB) Vice-Chair
Dr. Marie-Claude Leduc (QC) Member
Dr. Catherine Tremblay (QC) Member
Dr. Martine Robichaud (NB) Member
Dr. Shaundra Popowich (MB) Member
Dr. Angelos Vilos (ON) Member
Name Position
Dr. Robert Porter (NL) Chair
Dr. Christine Racette (QC) Vice-Chair
Dr. Bich-Hong Nguyen (QC) Member
Dr. Keyna Bracken (ON) Member
Dr. Gillian MacLean (ON) Member
Dr. Sandra Simon (AB) Member
Name Position
Dr. Merril Pauls (MB) Chair
Dr. Fiona Bergin (NS) Vice-Chair
Dr. Arnaud Samson (QC) Member
Dr. Martine Baillargeon (QC) Member
Dr. Gaynor Watson-Creed (NS) Member
Dr. Jacinthe Lampron (ON) Member
Dr. Chris Sikora (AB) Member
Dr. Steven Bellemare (ON) Member
Dr. Lara Kent (ON) Member
Name Position
Dr. Paul Robert Hayes (SK) Chair
Dr. Émilie Comeau (QC) Vice-Chair
Dr. Robert Farrell (NL) Member
Dr. Ari Meguerditchian (QC) Member
Dr. Ross MacMahon (NU) Member
Dr. Darren Martin (NB) Member
Dr. Sampa Das (ON) Member
Dr. Mark O’Driscoll (NL) Member
Dr. Catherine Mann (NL) Member
Name Position
Dr. Lauren Zanussi (AB) Chair
Dr. Marie Hayes (QC) Vice-Chair
Dr. Glendon Tait (ON) Member
Dr. Julie-Eve Arseneault (NB) Member
Dr. Emiko Moniwa (BC) Member
Dr. Eric Vickar (MB) Member
Dr. Katherine Stringer (NL) Member

MCCQE Part II test committees
Name Position
Dr. Alan Neville (ON) Chair
Dr. Michael Hogan (NL) Chair
Dr. Thérèse Hodgson (ON) Member
Dr. Pierre Plourde (MB) Member
Dr. Martin Plaisance (QC) Member
Dr. Gabriel Suen (AB) Member
Dr. Laura Weins (SK) Member
Dr. Karen D’Silva (ON) Member
Dr. Jill Lawless (NS) Member
Dr. Amita Modi (BC) Member
Dr. Andrea Mitchell (AB) Member
Dr. Caroline Langlais (QC) Member

National Assessment Collaboration committees
National Assessment Central Coordinating Committee (NAC3)
Name Position
Dr. Elizabeth Bannister  (NL) Interim Chair
Ms. Nancy MacBeth (AB) Member
Ms. Beverly MacLean-Alley (BC) Member
Dr. Glen Bandiera (ON) Member
Dr. Jean Rawling (AB) Member
Mr. Bruce Holmes (NS) Member
Dr. Nancy Fowler (ON) Member
Mr. Sten Ardal (ON) Member
Dr. Heidi Oetter (BC) Member
Dr. Don Embuldeniya (ON) Member
Dr. Isabelle Tardif (QC) Member
Dr. Viren Naik (ON) Member
NAC Examination Committee (NEC)
Name Position
Dr. Jean Rawling (AB) Chair
Mr. Bruce Holmes (NS) Vice-Chair
Ms. Natalie MacLeod Schroeder (MB) Member
Dr. Gordon Page (BC) Member
Dr. Preston Tran (ON) Member
Dr. Julie Okapuu (QC) Member
Dr. Carl Sparrow (NL) Member
Dr. Rabin Persad (AB) Member
Dr. Diana Chang (BC) Member
NAC PRA Working Group
Name Position
Dr. Jack Burak (BC) Chair
Dr. Fiona Bergin (NS) Member
Ms. Jill Hastings (AB) Member
Dr. Anne-Marie MacLellan (QC) Member
Dr. Martina Reslerova (MB) Member
Dr. Pamela Snow (NL) Member
Dr. Jon Witt (SK) Member