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Preparatory products

MCC preparatory products

Test your knowledge with our full-length Preparatory Examination, shorter Preparatory Examination-Lite (PE-Lite) or Multiple-Choice Question (MCQ) and Clinical Decision-Making (CDM) practice tests for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part I.

Preparatory products

The MCC is proud to offer candidates high-quality products to prepare for the MCCQE Part I.

  • One full-length Preparatory Examination (PE) featuring 210 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) and 38 Clinical Decision-Making cases (CDMs), full answer key including rationales and references: $520
  • One Preparatory Examination-Lite (PE-Lite) featuring 105 MCQs and 19 CDM cases, full answer key including rationales and references: $325
  • Three CDM Practice Test forms – each featuring 14 CDM cases with one to four questions each and correct answers: $120 per form
  • Three MCQ Practice Test forms – each featuring 100 MCQs and correct answers: $120 per form


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Correct answers now provided for all preparatory products

All MCC preparatory products users have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience via an online survey. Our aim is to enhance the preparatory products based on this valuable input.

We heard from test takers that the results to the MCQ and CDM Practice Tests, previously provided only in grid format according to the MCCQE Part I Blueprint, were not helpful enough, so we’ve added correct answers to every preparatory product. Rationales and references are only provided for the PE and PE-Lite.

The MCC’s preparatory products most closely replicate the MCCQE Part I exam experience as compared to other study products available to candidates. The PE is a full-length exam experience and can be taken in timed-exam mode or at your own pace. Taking a practice run of the exam allows you to develop familiarity with the exam structure and content areas, both MCQ and CDM question formats, and the testing platform features such as flagging a question and highlighting options so that on exam day you can focus on proving you have mastered the material.

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“Most of us have not been exposed to the Clinical Decision-Making style questions throughout medical school, so it’s important to get some exposure. This experience really reassured me that I’m on the right track.”
Canadian medical graduate

“I felt confident during the MCCQE Part I that I was well prepared and I think the prep exam was one of the factors that made it happen.”
Graduate of Université de Montréal, Canada


The content in every one of our preparatory products goes through the same rigorous development process as the official exam content. The questions are developed by MCC subject-matter experts and refined and approved by physician test committees. Practice content follows the MCCQE Part I Blueprint specifications and content weightings similarly to actual MCCQE Part I exam forms, and is relevant to the current realities of medical practice in Canada.

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“There isn’t really a lot that we’re given in terms of what to expect from this exam. The PE gave me a better understanding of the format of the exam, how it is graded, what type of questions they ask. From that perspective, it’s a really good tool to use in your preparation.”
Graduate of St. George's University School of Medicine, Grenada

“The PE is a big help. It gives us insight into the ethics questions that are a challenge for my friends and myself and gives us an idea how to get prepared for the exam.”
Graduate of Hamdard College of Medicine & Dentistry, Pakistan


A marking key is provided for the CDM write-in questions (in the CDM Practice test forms, PE-Lite and in the PE), allowing you to mark yourself, which provides an understanding of what the MCC is looking for in a good answer to a write-in question. We have developed a marking module to aid you in this process.

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“The answers and rationales taught me so much. They were extremely helpful in making me understand how questions are marked. So now I feel I can work through them a bit better.”
Graduate of the University of Calgary, Canada

 “The PE gave me an opportunity to do the whole thing in real time. And it was good to get a realistic idea of how the CDM questions work and how I should answer those.”
Graduate of Newcastle University, UK

Preparatory products features

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