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Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part II

The Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination (MCCQE) Part II is a clinical exam that assesses competence, knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for entry into independent clinical practice.

MCCQE Part II – Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

Regretfully, we are no longer able to administer the MCCQE Part II in October 2020. We apologize for the disruption this has caused candidates.  

All options regarding future sessions are currently under review. With the support of the MCC Council, our team is already in the process of pivoting to the option of virtual delivery of the Objective Structured Clinical Examinations, including the MCCQE Part II. This will reduce our reliance on contracted locations for in-person exam delivery and mitigate against the challenges this delivery has brought due to the impact of the current pandemic. We are also exploring the addition of dates in the first part of 2021 to address the backlog created by current site cancellations and considering other aspects of our exams including test accommodations.  

As soon as details on future exam options are confirmed, the MCC will inform candidates and stakeholders, and work directly with candidates to transfer their exam application to a future session. If a candidate prefers to withdraw their application, they will receive a full refund. 

February 2021 MCCQE Part II session

In order to minimize the impact of postponing the May 2020 session to October 2020 and to provide candidates an opportunity to complete the exam before the next scheduled session in May 2021, we have added a session in February 2021. This distinct session of the exam will take place on February 7.  The pre-application period is now closed. If you would like to be notified once pre-application for the May 2021 session opens, please click on Subscribe at the top right of this page to add your email address.

Note: Capacity for all MCCQE Part II sessions is limited. Candidates who add their name to the pre-application list must wait to be invited to apply if they are selected. Pre-application for the February 2021 session is limited to candidates in their PGY-2 or higher year at time of pre-application.

What is the MCCQE Part II?

The MCCQE Part II assesses the candidate’s core abilities to apply medical knowledge, demonstrate clinical skills, develop investigational and therapeutic clinical plans, as well as demonstrate professional behaviours and attitudes at a level expected of a physician in independent practice in Canada. Candidates must have successfully completed the MCCQE Part I and be completing their postgraduate medical education (there is a requirement for one year of postgraduate education).

The MCCQE Part I and MCCQE Part II form two components of the LMCC, which, in turn, is one of the prerequisites for licensure and entry into independent practice in Canada.

The MCCQE Part II consists of a series of clinical stations.

The exam, based on the Blueprint, assesses your performance across two broad categories:

  • Dimensions of care, covering the spectrum of medical care
  • Physician activities, reflecting a physician’s scope of practice and behaviours

Each category has four domains, and each is assigned a specific content weighting on the exam:

You can take the MCCQE Part II in either English or French at a centre that offers the exam in the chosen language.

Visit our Preparation resources page for resources to help you prepare for the MCCQE Part II.

How do I take the MCCQE Part II?

Applying to the MCCQE Part II is different than applying for other exams of the Medical Council of Canada. Because capacity is limited for each session, the process explained below will help us to provide access to as many candidates as possible. If you are interested in taking the MCCQE Part II, the following STEPS are required:

STEP 1: You must add your name to the pre-application list. The pre-application period for the February 7, 2020 session is now closed.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you must add your name to the pre-application list through your account at any time during the pre-application period.

Note: Adding your name to the pre-application list does not represent a completed application.

STEP 2: Wait to receive an invitation to apply; invitations will be sent starting in mid to late September, 2020.

Starting in mid to late September, 2020, we will proceed with a random selection of candidates in their second year of residency and above (PGY-2+) from the pre-application list. Selected candidates will receive an invitation to apply to the exam.

Additional invitations to apply will be sent in September and October based on remaining available spaces. Please monitor your account on a regular basis for further updates. If you do not receive an invitation to apply for the February 2021 session by the end of October 2020, you will need to wait to pre-apply to a future session.

While capacity for each session is limited, if a candidate is required to take the exam no later than a given session for licensure purposes or other reason related to progressing through their career, we will ensure that they are provided a spot in the exam no later than that session, provided that they add their name to the pre-application list during the pre-application period indicated above.

STEP 3: Complete and pay for your application to the exam if you receive an invitation to apply.

If you are selected to apply, you will receive a message through your account inviting you to apply before a specified deadline. After receiving this message, please complete and pay for your exam application through your account. Your application is only complete once you have paid the application fees and received a transaction confirmation message. If you do not apply by the deadline specified in the message, your space will be offered to another candidate.

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Examination at a glance

Below is additional information on the upcoming MCCQE Part II sessions. In the February 2021 session, the MCCQE Part II is a one-day exam.

Cancelled: October 2020 MCCQE Part II
Examination centres* Application information Results


February 2021 MCCQE Part II
Date: February 7
Examination centres* Application information Results
Calgary (E), Edmonton (E)
 February 2021 session:

Pre-application period is now closed.

Fee: $2,780

February 2021 session:

Results for the February 2021 session will be available by the end of March 2021.

Victoria (E), Vancouver (E)
Winnipeg (E)
St. John’s (E)
Halifax (E)
Hamilton (E), Kingston (E), London (E), Ottawa (E), Sudbury (E), Toronto (E)
Montreal I (E), Montreal II (F), Quebec (F), Sherbrooke (F)
Saskatoon (E)

*The centres are subject to change.

The MCCQE Part II centres are not bilingual; each centre is designated as either English (E) or French (F). For information regarding centre assignment, visit the Centre selection page.

Proposed future MCCQE Part II dates

Sessions Exam dates Expected application opening timeframe
May 2021 To be confirmed To be confirmed