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Test accommodations and special needs

Test accommodations
and special needs


A test accommodation represents a modification to the standard administration of the examination to address a documented disability, functional limitation or special need. You may be able to receive test accommodations depending on the nature of your disability, the documentation provided and the requirements of the examination. Examples of test accommodations that you may request include access to assistive equipment, assistive personnel, additional testing time, break time, and personal items (medication, breast pumps, food, etc.).

To learn more about how we apply the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equal opportunity to our practices and procedures, read our customer service policy.

How to request test accommodations

You must send the signed Request for test accommodations form to immediately after you submit your examination application. Note that last-minute requests are difficult to arrange and cannot be guaranteed.

In addition to the Request for test accommodations form, you will also have to submit the following documents:

  • A detailed personal statement that:
    • Describes your disability or special need and its severity
    • Explains why you need the requested accommodations
  • A detailed report or letter from a professional who is qualified to evaluate your disability or special need, written on official letterhead, that includes:
    • A description of your functional limitations due to the diagnosed disability or special need
    • Specific recommendations for test accommodations or assistive devices, along with an explanation of why they are needed
    • If this report or letter is more than two years old, you will need to provide written confirmation from a qualified professional stating that your disability is still actively being managed.
  • If applicable, include copies of supporting documentation (or letters on official letterhead) from your student accessibility / disability services office as well as your undergraduate / postgraduate medical education program office describing any accommodations previously provided to you.
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If test accommodations are granted

The accommodations granted are valid for one examination session only. You must submit a new request for any future examination session.

We reserve the right to assign you to a centre where accommodations can be offered which may require travel (including related expenses).