Medical Council of Canada

Research grants

Research grants

To support medical assessment research, the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) offers research grants to interested faculty members, staff members or graduate students of Canadian medical faculties.

Grants are intended to support and provide a principal investigator with the financial resources required to further complete his or her research while promoting the Council’s vision of striving for the highest level of medical care in Canada through excellence in assessment of physicians.

The MCC has a single-year curiosity-driven grant. Single-year grants can be provided up to a value of $37,500.

Grant applications are peer-reviewed and then a Steering Committee makes the final decision based upon the reviews and the declared funding priorities of the competition.

The MCC currently offers the following grant:

Research in Clinical Assessment

Click here for information on past grant recipients and their research abstracts.



The MCC Research in Clinical Assessment grant competition welcomes volunteers who are interested in reviewing grant applications. We make an effort to match grant applications to the reviewers’ area(s) of expertise. If you are interested in serving as an expert external reviewer for this year’s competition, please contact us at